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Get in touch with us to discuss any of these outstanding musical offerings!

Bottom Line: We can offer a group to meet your exacting musical needs.

Groove 'N Motion & The Rocky Mountain Horns
A stylistically unique horn band from day one, the members of
Groove 'N Motion & The Rocky Mountain Horns have been singing, performing, and playing in sync as if they’d been together their entire musical careers. As they bring a powerful yet polished show to the stage, their repertoire is familiar and before you know it, you'll be singing along to all your favorite songs from the 70's, 80's and 90's as well as today's current hits! Performing at a variety of venues with bringing their musical energy,
Groove 'N Motion is your first stop to make your next event unforgettable!

• Weddings/Dances/Parties

• Birthday Celebrations/Bar-Bat Mitzvahs

• Corporate Events & Galas

• City Concert Series

• Private Functions/Parties

• Tower of Power

• Chicago

• Blues Brothers

• Earth, Wind & Fire

• Others by request!!

** Groove 'N Motion can also tailor our set list to meet your exact needs;  let us know if you have specific requests! **

The Rocky Mountain Horns
Available as a stand-alone horn section playing a variety of acapella jazz/rock/funk/pop/swing styles. Also available as a jazz combo or swing group.

• Parties/Celebrations 

• Summer Concert Events

• Christmas/Holiday Programs

• Patriotic Events

• Star Spangled Banner (including sports events)

• Recording Projects (add that extra sizzle of a horn section to your next CD!)

Brass Quintet:  We can also provide a brass quintet for more formal (i.e classical) events (2 trumpets, trombone, french horn, tuba).

Groove 'N Jazz
If your event needs the cool sounds of acapella vocals or a jazz flavored instrumental performance, then Groove 'N Jazz is perfect. Four outstanding jazz vocalists are backed up by a swingin' rhythm section and horns.  
Contact us to discuss your event!

Cocktail/Dinner music

• Parties/Celebrations 

• Christmas/Holiday Programs

• Intimate Socials

• Pre-Event "quiet" music

• Retirement Communities

Groove 'N Swing
Are you a part of the swing dance community? Need a fun swing band for your next dance event? We are happy to tailor our dance repertoire to meet the needs of your group!

So many options to choose from!

• Swing (East Coast/West Coast)

• Latin

• Polka

• You Name It!

Groove 'N Strings
Do you need either a contemporary or classical solo violin or string section to upgrade your event? (We have local strings groups that we work with.)


We have many options for you to choose from:

• Solo violin with contemporary tracks 

• Contemporary string section (i.e. playing more modern fun (!) repertoire)

• Classical solo violin or string section for traditional services (i.e. church, wedding ceremony, etc.)

Groove 'N Tracks
Are you a composer/arranger in need of musicians to make your project a reality? Do you need a horn section, back-up vocals, rhythm section or maybe custom arrangements?

Here's how we can help:

• 5-pc horn section (2 trumpets - 2 saxes - trombone, or other instrumentation)

• 5-pc rhythm section (piano, bass, guitar, drums, percussion)

• 4 outstanding vocalists for back-up vocals or leads (soul, rock, jazz, pop styles)

• Custom arrangements for your compositions

We are happy to provide the exact instrumentation and arrangements that you need! Call or e-mail us today to discuss your musical needs!

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